Pearl Basecoat Aerosol Tips

Aerosol Pearl Tips

1.     Shake thoroughly, the pearl can settle after sitting for a length of Time

2.    Make sure that the contents of the can are at a minimum of 65 degrees. If not at 65 degrees, the tip will be more apt to plug. In colder climates, you may want to warm the can in warm water or safely warm with a heat gun.  Do not heat over 95 degrees.

3.    Medium Light Coats are better than extremely heavy coats.

4.    If you are putting other colors/metal flake/glitter over the top of this, one coat is likely enough.

5.    Allow enough flash time between coats that you can touch without disturbing the pearl basecoat.

6.    Amount of time to clear coat or apply subsequent layers of other colors will vary by temperature and the number of coats of pearl. 30 minutes would be a pretty safe figure.

7.    70-75 Degrees is the optimal spray temperature.

8.    If painting over a raw stainless-steel tumbler, please view the tested procedures on the “tumbler tips” page of the website.


9.    If applying over a powder coated Tumbler

10. If Hydro dipping, I highly recommend looking at some of the videos at Beach Girlz Glitter Facebook Group.

11. The cans should come with an extra spray nozzle. If yours becomes plugged, you can replace the nozzle. If you need more nozzles, please contact me at Incorrect nozzles from a random can could cause issues. I have heard of them sticking open.

12. The replacement nozzles are black. They have a different spray pattern. Feel free to experiment.

13. The nozzles can be turned to move the pattern from Vertical to Horizontal. This allows you to keep the can upright while using a horizontal spray pattern.

14. The label will say “must clear coat”. Magic Marble, Epoxy, Automotive Solvent basecoat, or Automotive Clear Coat can be applied over the top. 

15. The pearl is best to be top coated within a 24-hour time period. I have tested to 48 hours with no failures. If you exceed 48 hours, I would recommend a light scuff with a gray scuff pad and to put a light coat of pearl over the top.

16. Masking can be done on the pearl, and other colors of pearl or automotive basecoat be added without any sanding.

17. Not all of our pearls can be added to the aerosol cans.



We can mix most original automotive colors ranging from a 1951 Studebaker to a 2018 Corvette. I will need a “paint code” to mix colors accurately. Names are not an accurate way to choose colors of vehicles.

We can mix many Snowmobile paint colors.

We can mix some motorcycle paint colors.

We can mix many “RAL” and “Pantone” colors which are used to document architectural and School Logos.

We can mix many corporate colors. IE Coke Red.

We can also mix the paint in a single stage paint that does not require clear coat.


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